New Technology New Trend 2016 Auto Parts Technology Development Forum was successfully held


Apr 29,2016



On April 27th, 2016 Auto Parts Technology Development Forum was successfully held. Ltd., Wen Yimei, deputy general manager of China Automotive Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd. and Workshen Yu, deputy director of Shanxi Yuncheng Business Bureau and director of Investment Promotion Office, visited this forum, and Ni Wei, vice president of ASIMCO Industrial Technology Co. Ltd., Song Han, Vice President of Marketing of Weihong Power Systems (Huzhou) Co.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the vehicle consumer market and service maintenance market, the auto parts industry development trend is good, many of its parts suppliers technical strength and production management level has been greatly improved, the product has entered the global procurement system, the formation of a number of parts manufacturing enterprises with strong market competition. 2015 China's auto market growth slowed down, there is a certain degree of serendipity. Looking ahead to the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", it is likely to become the best period for the development of China's auto parts. As pointed out in "Made in China 2025": At present, the global manufacturing development pattern and China's economic development environment has undergone significant changes, we must seize the current rare strategic opportunities, highlight the innovation drive, optimize the policy environment, play the advantages of the system, to achieve the transformation of Made in China to China creation, China speed to China quality transformation, Chinese products to China brand transformation. This forum to "new technology, new trends" as the theme, on the current auto parts industry hot topics to exchange.

Ltd. said: "The global automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented technological changes. If we are in the era of digitalization and automation, which is shaking up the operation and survival of several traditional manufacturing industries, including the automotive industry, the promotion of diversified travel, autonomous driving, electrification and intelligent interconnection will lead the global automotive technology to continue to innovate. It is believed that the large-scale application of many disruptive technologies in the future will profoundly change the traditional face of the existing automotive industry." This is both an opportunity and a challenge for auto parts enterprises, which need to grasp such opportunities and strive for new breakthroughs and development.

In recent years, the pace of nationalization of auto parts enterprises accelerated, and constantly mergers and acquisitions. Ni Wei has been in the industry for decades of experience to the guests, said that the biggest challenge facing Chinese auto parts companies to go global is: how to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality. He suggested that the domestic independent auto parts enterprises, must abstain from arrogance, excellence, down-to-earth efforts, in the process of cooperation with multinational companies to learn from experience, be prepared for the long term, to build their own brand reputation in the world.

With the development of new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles, various driverless technologies and new energy mechatronics technologies have been developed rapidly. Liang Taonian, technical director of intelligent driving project of Zhejiang APME Co., Ltd. introduced us the development of intelligent driving technologies in various countries around the world and gave a detailed introduction of various intelligent driving technologies such as lane departure, automatic collision avoidance warning and adaptive cruise control in APME, while giving a timetable for the realization of intelligent driving in APME, striving to achieve advanced automatic driving in 2020.

Song Han, Vice President of Microhon Power, elaborated on the technical progress of fast-charging power batteries and battery safety, including how fast-charging technology ensures that power batteries do not decay and the use of non-combustible electrolyte non-combustible battery technology, thus ensuring battery safety. Cheng Jianpu, technical director of Beijing BorgWarner Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. introduced the latest 48V technology in the application of four-wheel drive system, namely EAWD technology.

Energy saving and emission reduction in automobiles is a major trend, and vehicle and component companies have made a lot of efforts in this area. Pang Jinyu, Vice President of Engineering of Bosch Starter Division China, introduced in detail the latest technology of Bosch in the starter-stop system, namely Energy Recovery Acceleration Assist System BRS. Using this technology, the vehicle can be parked in all-electric mode, and also realize the pure electric situation for short distances in the traffic congestion state of walking and stopping.

Yang Mei, director of the Automotive Investment Center of Shanxi Yuncheng Economic Development Zone, also elaborated their views on the development of the auto parts industry from the perspective of the role played by local governments in industrial upgrading.

At the end of the forum, Zhang Yanwu, director of the multi-media division of auto parts of China Automotive News Co., Ltd, introduced the "National Hundred Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers Selection Activity" launched by China Automotive News since 2003, and announced the official launch of the 13th Hundred Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers Selection Activity.

According to the introduction, the thirteenth hundred activities have begun to register, from April 18 to June 18. According to this year's registration requirements, the business of participating companies involves automotive engines and accessories, emissions, transmission, driving, steering, braking, automotive electronics and electrical appliances, general parts, body accessories and other sub-divisions. This year, we will continue to adhere to the principles of science, fairness, justice and openness, and organize a jury of buyers, leaders of industry organizations, industry experts and senior media reporters to evaluate the participating enterprises according to the assessment criteria. The final selection results are expected to be announced in November this year.

Zhang Yanwu said, "We look forward to the thirteenth hundred excellent auto parts supplier selection activities will be held, there will be more excellent Chinese and foreign parts enterprises to participate in the hundred selection will also help the parts companies brand awareness, industry influence again."