August passenger car sales stopped falling and increased 2.7% car market prices rose slightly


Sep 27,2018



On September 9, the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Joint Committee released August passenger vehicle sales: In August, the country's narrow passenger vehicle sales totaled 1,381,990 units, up 2.7% year-on-year. Among them, car sales of 794160 units, down 12.7%; SUV sales of 458140 units, up 54.6%; MPV sales of 129690 units, down 7.3%.

Among them, FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen and SAIC-GM ranked among the top three narrow passenger car enterprises sales.

Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the Passenger Car Association, told the Daily Economic News, "Passenger car sales continued to decline in August, due to the impact of the stock market and related national activities, the production of manufacturers in September correspondingly reduced to facilitate dealers to inventory, dealers will also continue the preferential activities."

In the general environment of the downturn of the car market, dealers are promoting with cash concessions and low-interest loans. It is understood that in August, passenger car sales were driven by SUV sales to achieve a slight increase, while the overall passenger car market transaction prices rose slightly, and its A-class and SUV class models on the overall car prices to raise the role of obvious. According to the index analysis released by Shanghai Anlagen, the average price of passenger cars rose slightly in August, from 140,000 yuan to 143,400 yuan.

In addition, the index analysis released by Shanghai Anluqin Company said that August is in the intensive period of model renewal, there are a number of new cars listed in each market segment, and the terminal concessions are weakened compared with the old models, and some main selling models such as Sega two-box, Sprint and CR-V are not affected by the low season, which also play a positive role in the increase of the average price of the market segment.

An Luqin said, for example, to the B-class key models, for example, Shanghai Volkswagen Passat in August the average transaction price of 218,400 yuan, the average dealer profit margin of 5.4%. Guangzhou Honda Accord in August the average transaction price in 205401 yuan, the average dealer profit margin of 3.6%. Both dealer profit margins were slightly lower than in July. This phenomenon indicates that the competition in the B-segment car market is still fierce. Hebi Jinhua Electric Co.