New energy passenger car production ranking in November


Dec 24,2015



According to the November motor vehicle factory certificate statistics, new energy vehicle production, the total number of pure electric passenger cars 31,019, plug-in hybrid passenger cars 7510, hybrid passenger cars 1,968. The proportion of the total is 76.5%, 18.5% and 5% respectively. Pure electric passenger cars are affected by the policy and are the main direction of development.

In November, Geely's production of pure electric passenger cars broke 10,000 units, reaching 12,977 units in one month, which shows Geely's determination to develop new energy vehicles from the side. Other auto companies produced less than half the number of Geely, with 5,574 units for Zotye, 2,788 units for Lifan, 2,293 units for Chery, 2,042 units for BAIC, 1,697 units for JAC, 1,005 units for Jiangling, and 941 units for BYD.

In November, BYD's plug-in hybrid passenger car production is far ahead of the production, of course, BYD's sales are also the first. BYD's plug-in hybrid passenger car production in November was 6,004 units, more than six times the number of pure electric passenger cars (941 units), BYD's focus on plug-in hybrid vehicles, but also achieved the corresponding results. At present, companies are more partial, after all, energy is limited, only slowly break through one by one. In addition to BYD, the other Rongwei, Volvo, BMW, and Transnational only add up to about 1,500 units.

In November, the production of hybrid passenger cars, is the world of Japanese brands. Among them, Guangzhou Toyota for 1387 units plus 441 units of FAW Toyota, Toyota's total of 1828 units, Nissan is only a hundred units. Most of China's independent brands are focused on pure electric vehicles and have no time for hybrids. Japanese brands with years of technical product accumulation, the right number to occupy the blank territory of new energy vehicles. Although the Japanese brands are occupying the hybrid passenger car market, but did not take much advantage, because the national policy on hybrid cars is almost no subsidies, it must be said, people are eating from strength. For more dry information, please pay attention to our WeChat public number: EV-CLUB-AUTO.