More than twice a year indiscriminate charges will be canceled school bus operating qualifications


Nov 05,2015



The school bus will be disqualified if it charges more than twice a year for transporting students from September 2015.

What units can apply for school bus operation?

School bus operating units referred to in the Regulations are legal persons or other organizations other than schools, road passenger transport operators and urban public transport enterprises that apply and are confirmed by district and county education administrative departments to provide school bus services.

Application to become a school bus operating unit should meet: enterprise registered capital of more than 5 million yuan; have more than 50 special school buses registered in the city and in line with national standards, more than 1,500 passenger seats; each school bus is equipped with a driver who has obtained the school bus driving qualifications; units, responsible persons, school bus drivers and accompanying caretakers do not have a criminal record; have a sound safety management system.

What behavior will be disqualified from operation?

The "Regulations" clarify that the qualifications of school bus operators should be confirmed annually. The district or county education administrative department will disqualify the corresponding school bus operating unit if the following circumstances exist:

The use of carpool or scrap standards of motor vehicles to transport students; the use of vehicles that have not obtained school bus placards to provide school bus services; the use of unqualified personnel to drive school buses; forged, altered or use of forged or altered school bus placards; not equipped with safety equipment, school bus safety maintenance, the public security organs of the traffic control department ordered to correct but refused to correct; not in accordance with the provincial, municipal and district and county price departments The standard charges, the price department or the education administrative department ordered to correct, more than 2 times a year; the occurrence of school bus strikes and other acts, the district and county education administrative departments ordered to correct but refused to correct; the occurrence of deception, fraudulent financial subsidies for school buses, resulting in a bad impact and serious consequences; the occurrence of school bus group death and injury accidents and other serious circumstances behavior.

The annual assessment of the cumulative 2 months of unqualified assessment is considered unqualified annual assessment. If the school bus operator fails the assessment for 2 consecutive years, the district or county education administrative department can cancel its corresponding school bus operator qualification and cancel the school bus service agreement signed with it. School bus operating units belonging to the school bus safety accidents, resulting in personal injury or property damage, according to the law to assume responsibility for compensation.